Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wasserkuppe Rain Gods failed to give pilots an F3F Contest Eurotour final

Contest Eurotour F3F 2010 is over! Sadly, the gods of wind and weather were not on our side this weekend at the last F3F Eurotour contest of season 2010.

Final first few ranks are:
Tha Winner: Stefan Hoelbfer, Austria. Congratulation!!!
Second place: Siggi Schedel, Germany. Bravo!!
Third is: Lukas Gaubatz, Austria. Hand Claps!
Then 4th Senor Gerardo Plaza, Spain, 5th Senor Inaki Elizondo, Spain, 6th Herr Andreas Fricke, Franceland, and 7th Monsieur Philippe Lanes, France.
Congratulations to all those great pilots from a rooky filled with admiration! You all set steps which I'll do my best to try to follow next season!

My Wasserkuppe Report will be in three parts. Right now comes the first part:

FRIDAY: Meeting with Wasserkuppe Rain Gods
If on arrival friday afternoon around 3PM, some SW wind was there, it was under a rainy sky. Those conditions were a bad sign for to two following days. Nevertheless, Stefan Bertschi and I rapidly unloaded our stuff and headed across the airfield landing lane to the nearest slope where some RC flying activity could be detected. Between the stronger rainfall periods, we each managed two trimming flights. I even managed a second flight with 700g ballast, though 550g would have been better. Fortunately, I took a plastic sheet with me to cover the gear when the skies poured too much water on the 900m high hill! Once protected, we headed to the nearby airfield pub for a drink, waiting for better conditions. Those didn't come, so we finally got our stuff back to the car and adapted to the weather: we returned into the pub where we also could register for the contest.
I could share room with the French team on site. They planned to arrive around 7PM, but around 16:30 Andreas Fricke informed me they were still 4 1/2 hour away from site. Stefan moved to take his hotel room in a village nearby. So I could fetch the room keys, unloaded my stuff in one room and headed back... to the pub where I sat down with Thorsten Folkers for supper. The meat with garlic sauce and fries was as welcome as the accompanying beer! After the dessert (well, another beer), it was around 8:30PM, and for the airfield pub it was closing time. So each headed toward his sleeping place in a heavy fog which was in the meantime added to the rain. But wind was still blowing from West, giving us some hope for the coming Saturday morning. Final event of the day was the arrival of my five French mates, who finally found the building in the fog. It was 11:30PM and since they had a drive of almost 18 hours, it didn't take long until went to sleep!

Next time, I'll relate our second day.
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