Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wasserkuppe Open F3F 2010 (Contest Eurotour)

I was 2nd on the waiting list to participate to the next F3F Contest Eurotour competition in Germany (Wasserkuppe Open F3F 2010) to be held coming weekend (25-26/09/2010). But colleagues from France announced this morning that one of theirs would not attend! So I eventually shall shift to the 1st place on the waiting list! If only one more participant desists, I'm in and I could travel to the Rhön region for one more F3F race.
This would be the final training before the important first official F3F Swiss Championship to be held at Hahnenmoos, Bernese Alps, beginning of October 2010. This annual competition will offer some important FAI points needed to qualify for the Swiss national team. In 2012, the first official World Championship will most probably be hosted in northern Germany (Rügen). And a Swiss team has to be there for sure.

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