Thursday, September 23, 2010

Packing for Wasserkuppe F3F this weekend!

This morning I was informed that finally I get a slot in the definitive list of participant for the Wasserkuppe F3F Open this coming weekend! I almost couldn't believe it since some months ago I was way down on the waiting list.
Well things had to be arranged rapidly. Thanks much to the French team which proposed me to share lodging on site. Thanks too to Stefan Bertschi for sharing the drive from Zürich. And finally thanks to my boss who would let me go on such short notice.
It will be an early start tomorrow morning. I'm gathering my stuff right now, preparing my Tanga, loading batteries. Two of my three Lesky Paces come along as backup: the almost new VXH and the much repaired and taped F4H, just in case a lot goes wrong. But of course it won't because I gained confidence with the Tanga in the last two French Cup competitions.
This weekend is final training before the Swiss Championship in 10 days from now. I know Stefan can do pretty well and he flies quite regular laps. I also made much less mistakes in the last dozen comp runs so I hope not making much less than Stefan. And why should I not do even better?!?!
Most important is we are going to have a nice time all 50 or so pilots. Even if rain may hamper our flying as forecast predict...
I'll post some results or feedback on Saturday evening.
I wish all a nice weekend and happy flight time.

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