Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swiss Championship wind forecast update

Although we're still 4 days from the first possible Saturday set for the event, some wind forecasts still indicate possible 50-60 km/h altitude winds from Southwest (source: www.sma.ch).

If the strength is just great for an F3F event, it seems the wind direction could be a problem on the selected slope. Let's see if it evolves in the coming days. Some forecast tell us it may change to a South valley wind regime on Saturday-Sunday (the so called Fön). I personally do not know if the Fön makes the Schalmigrat more flyable than western sector winds.
In case the Swiss Championship should be postponed one week, there would still be very nice conditions for training on other middle altitude slopes. Let's get there before the snow blocks the accessible summer roads, because the winter is always too long!!!

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