Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My first DIY 64k CamPAC clone

It's quite some time ago I wanted to try a build for a CamPac clone for my FC-28 tx.
Recently I came across one description published in 2002 for such a 64k memory pack by a Russian. I gave it a try, first ordering the MCU, EEPROM memory chip and 2mm female connector through ebay.
After having flashed the MCU brain with the supplied hexadecimal code, I could assemble and wire all components on my small experimenting breadboard.


I could not wait to try it out. So I plugged the connector into my beloved transmitter. First nothing happened probably due to some moving wire. Pushed all wires firm once more and there goes the ON button on my Futaba. The LCD said
"init campac?" It went through formatting the 4 banks in the eeprom chip: E1 then E2, E3 and finally E4.


My homebrew CamPAC connected to my FC-28 tx

So I finally had four spare model memories in my tx, made of bits and pieces by an electronic beginner!!! Although this CamPAC clone is unusable as is, I felt that we live in a fantastic connected world!
Try this out, it can be pure evening fun.

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