Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Swiss F3F Championship Postponed

It was published at 7:27PM by the organizer on
"We had an intense debate today about the possibility to fly the SM F3F on saturday. It was a difficult decision because the forecast is not entirely bad, but the main wind-direction seems to be south to south-west, which is more or less unflyable at Schalmigrat/Hahnenmoos. We came to the conclusion that because of weather uncertainty, we have to defer the first national championship F3F to 9. october 2010 for now. Sorry!"
Thanks Raphael for trying to set it up for this first planned Saturday. I know how difficult it must have been to take the decision, but I am sure it is the right one. If conditions are not adapted, then it's better to wait for the coming Saturday than deceiving all participants on site.
Well, let's organize our time for the coming days! I think about some possibilities...
Cheers all and see you at Hahnenmoos - hopefully - in 9 days from now.

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