Thursday, September 30, 2010

F3F in south of France this weeked: a real teaser

Let's say we won't let the coming weekend go away without flying
Let's say we are in bad addiction to F3F
Let's say there are some French guys organizing one more French Cup event
Let's say the location is not quite near, but somehow atteinable (Caussols, F)
Let's say one has to be there on Saturday, latest 10:45AM
Let's say one needs 7 hours to get there
Let's say the forecast predicts 15m/s wind
Let's say they got a slope perfect for the conditions
Let's say such a trip just stays in memory for almost a lifetime
Let's say one's wife said: "It's up to you!"
Let's say alarm clock would ring at 2AM
Let's say the engine would be running at 2:45AM
Let's say all the gear would be there in the back of the car (even the wing joiners)
Let's say I'm right now sitting in front of web site
Let's say the participation list for this F3F competition is still open right now
Let's say it's maybe closed tomorrow morning
Let's say the mouse cursor is there on the button saying "Inscription"

So here's the question: WHAT WOULD A MINDED PERSON DO ?????

The answer is?
The answer is???
The answer is?????

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